When booking a vacation, booking is made directly with the owner. The, ensure that the owner exist, we always make the proof of the existence of the content to ensure the accuracy of the information about our platform.

We recommend a reservation with the lease and pay a reservation deposit. The balance will be paid on arrival at the keys or days before.
The lease must contain information on the rental:
- Owner Name
- Rental address
- Number of people
- Rental period (start dates and end dates)
- Rental price
- Mention prepayment or deposit
- The value of the collateral or deposit
- The cancellation policy
- Associated costs (heating, electricity, water)
- Description of the lease (required)

A contract signed in duplicate,

With a down payment, the lease commitment is firm and guaranteed. The tenant may resign, given the deadlines agreed in the cancellation policy,

If a guarantee or security is required, the amount will be paid upon arrival to the owner or his representative. A guarantee or deposit will be refunded less the cost of rehabilitation, if damage is found. The security deposit is usually returned at the end of the stay, and as specified in the contract.

In most cases, the fee is included in the final price, however, certain expenses are more times (eg, heating, telephone, ...).

The owner is required to provide, before the contract is signed, a detailed description of the accommodation and should include: facing the housing situation, the category of classification, if the description of the accommodation, comfort, convenience, interior design, equipment and mobile devices, TV ..., the list of parts and equipment of the tenant to the exclusive use (balcony, garage) or shared (garden, swimming pool ...), financial situation the rental price and payment terms, additional rates. .. The date and time of arrival.

Times are generally mencione, input from á (16 hours) and outputs up (12 hours). As for the weekend, the arrival is usually on Friday nights and departure on Sunday afternoon.

Plan your holidays in advance on accommodation policies that allow the cancellation in case of cancellation reimbursement of the amount of the reservation and cancellation of the contract.

We recommend to travelers, we suggest you make an appointment when planning your holiday in your locality among professionals, have hedging. The owner must have insurance on housing that guarantees protection for unexpected situations such as (fire, explosion, the tenant's responsibility ...)

The tenant must pay the balance of the rent and pay the deposit required by the contract and make an inventory for each room, equipment, furniture and fixtures for the tenant. Objects and deteriorated condition of the equipment. this document should be prepared in the presence of the tenant and signed by both. If there is a description of the inventory already prepared, the tenant must verify that it corresponds to reality. At the end of the lease, you must return the keys and accommodation. The inventory drawn up on arrival will allow the owner of r audit. If inventory does not mention the damage, the owner must return the entire deposit, otherwise, if you tell the owner degradation or disappearance object, assess the damage and reduce the amount of bail. The tenant must require proof of fees that are charged.

The owner has the right to limit the number of people who can live in the home but can not prohibit the presence of children or entertaining friends.

Upon arrival, if you find that the description does not match reality (substandard housing, defects, lack or deficiency of commitment, which prevents a normal and peaceful use of your location .. .) should claim the situation, it is better to negotiate with the owner a reduction of rental costs, compensation and make repairs. In the absence of the owner or if you have already paid the full rent. Collect all possible evidence: photos, videos, certificates, witnesses ...

It is mandatory, the owner have a complaints book for any defense that is reported will entity that manages the tourism sector, under the Ministry of Economy and that will resolve the situation with the owner, helpful to lobby Owner. In the case of a lease by the agency, the complaint will be made in the same way

The tenant must take care of housing, keep the same manner in which it was delivered, do not disturb the neighbors with their behavior. He is responsible for damages that occur during their stay.

Normally, cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant during the rental period and is delivered by the own owner.

Safety standards must be visible in the housing, particularly rental involving certain risks, such as stairs, access to private or shared pools are designed to prevent the risk of drowning. The owner must do everything in their power to minimize these risks and ensure a level of security (protective barriers, alarm system, a security blanket, or a pool cover). The tenant must also take care and be aware of the risk of drowning, and take preventive measures.


After reading these great tips for holidays, the wish you a pleasant stay, enjoy your quality time with family and friends, in a good state of mind with regard to the owner. These tips are here to help you better organize your carefree holiday. This list of tips on renting is not exhaustive.


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