PARTNERS - We are a company of people and work at your side, we are in your area and know the values ​​of the region, we have the same goal of being able to provide better service to those in demand.



We want Hosts provide wonderful experiences of our region thousands of guests in,  for that,  we leave some tips.

Honesty - Receiving a guest is an opportunity to make a difference in relation to others, knowing thank,  for your choice and enjoy to create a lasting relationship that will allow us to increase in the future the number of guests, either through his return or by sharing your experience with people in your circle of friends or family.

Attention and availability - The hosts need and deserve our full attention and availability when it is withdrawn from its origins and travels to many kilometers of your home, our presence and attention to your needs, makes the guest feel at home and it translates into comfort. The odds of wanting to repeat increase.

Cleaning - Cleaning is one of the most important points for the host, the host will have to take this care to avoid compromising your space in the future.

Commitment - After making the decision on your choice , where will be sleeping, the host will have to be careful to respect the conditions under which it was proposed. We can not forget that the host is protected by law.

Comfort - The Host wants after your stay at the guest back or disclose your accommodation, it is important to take into account the comfort of your space and provide all the necessary equipment.

Reception - Knowing welcome the guest is often guarantee your satisfaction during your stay, and can be done in various ways, such as offering to its arrival a reminder of a typical local product of the region as a Gourmet and Crafts, sympathy and simplicity are also way to success and can make a difference in the host.

Information - Provide on arrival the hosts all the information he will need for your stay to be successful, what they can do, see, where to eat, learn advise the best of what we have to offer. Will facilitate your stay and make your wonderful vacation.



OUR SUGGESTION- Ask us for our Tourist Guide "FINESTDESTINATION" book where the guest will find all the support and information both in your area and the northern region of Portugal.


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